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Our Services

Our Services

The most important services of the leading Sepand Polymer Company are as follows

Consulting in the field

Buying machines and producing extrusion and injection products

Considering the many years of activity in the field of production and supply of raw materials for the production units of various types of profiles and PVC extrusion sections, this group has consulted in order to prepare and set up the relevant machines, and by taking advantage of the knowledge of the specialists of this group, it is possible to consult for setting up It has provided production lines for all kinds of extrusion and injection sections.

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Sample analysis of the target piece

The leading Sepand Plimer company, having an advanced laboratory in the field of analysis and testing of plastic parts and using the technical knowledge of its experts, has provided the possibility of consultation and analysis of the desired part, and you can, according to the results of the analysis of the desired part, from the costs Be informed about your finished product.

Production of various specialized PVC granules

Having a well-equipped laboratory and expert staff, this group will analyze the sample you want and design the formulation and production of the corresponding PVC granules according to the properties of the part in question.

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