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Sepand Polymer Pishro

The leading Sepand Polymer Company has started its activity since 1391 in the field of producing compound and various types of specialized PVC granules, and during these years, by taking advantage of the world’s latest technology and using advanced machines of the compound and granule industries, and using the force The specialist has produced all kinds of specialized PVC granules. By equipping the advanced laboratory, this company has made it possible to analyze and perform relevant tests, and by using the obtained results, it standardizes and improves the quality of its products.

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Advanced Machinery

The use of advanced machinery and equipment in Sepand Pomeran provides production quality at the international level.

Specialist staff

The presence of expert employees committed to high quality production is a source of pride for Sepand Polymer Prodow.

Selling to more than 10 countries

The cooperation of Sepand Plimer Prodor has made our record brilliant due to the trust of international companies with these companies in the last decade.

Years of production experience

With all our efforts, we have tried to reach optimal and standard conditions in the production of quality products and gaining experience in the work process.