Rigid Granule • Granule ball valve and fittings

Granule ball valve and fittings

Rigid Granule

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Granule ball valve and fittings

According to the needs of the customers, Sepand Plimer Prodor Group produces various types of PVC fittings that are used in various industries, and has produced various types of ball valve granules and PVC fittings, using high-quality raw materials suitable for the field. It has provided quality and standard product production.

Etisalat granules and its application can support a wide range of needs in industries. For example, in the agricultural industry, by using this product in the irrigation sector, it is possible to significantly control water supply and save water consumption.

Granule production of joints

Granule production of fittings and its supply in Sepand Polymer Produk collection is done with exemplary quality, and the use of these fittings can be economically appropriate and significant in terms of their cost and lifespan compared to metal fittings.

What is granule?


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