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Granule flexible hoses | Sepand Polymer Pishro

Soft Granule • Granule flexible hoses

Granule flexible hoses

Soft Granule

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گرانول شیلنگ های فلکسیبل

Granule flexible hoses

This product has many uses. One of the most important characteristics of flexible hose granules is high strength, resistance to pressure, tension and impact.

This product consists of two hard and soft parts. Sepand Polymer Company produces flexible hoses products by taking into account the necessary standards of granular raw materials and provides them to the production units.

You can contact us about the product and consultation as well as the cost announcement through the contact us page.

You can search about flexible hose granules on Google.


گرانول های شلنگ
گرانول شیلنگ های فلکسیبل
گرانول شیلنگ های فلکسیبل
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