Features of PVC products

Features of PVC products

PVC mixtures can be processed in a suitable way to obtain products made from it, such as plastic sheets, films, pipes, molded parts and other products. Due to the design and formulation of a wide range It is one of the products that can be produced. In short, it can be said that by changing the formulation, a variety of products with different properties can be produced.


ویژگی های فرآورده های پی وی سی


The features of PVC include the following:

  1. Hardship
  2. Tensile strength
  3. Final increase in length
  4. flexibility
  5. Optical stability
  6. Hard flammability

This factor indicates the amount and degree of softness of the PVC mixture, which is a function of the amount and type of softening materials used in the product. The degree of hardness is obtained by measuring the degree of penetration of a needle in the piece.


ویژگی های فرآورده های پی وی سی


SHORE DUROMETER is the most important tool for measuring the hardness of PVC. Hardness gauges usually include three groups:

SHORE      A     B    C


ویژگی های فرآورده های پی وی سی


1- Tensile strength:

Tensile strength is the maximum tensile force that a material can withstand before breaking. The following factors increase the tensile strength in PVC:
Reducing the percentage of softening
Increasing the molecular weight of the polymer
Reducing the percentage of filler

2- Increasing the final length:

increase in final length; The maximum change in length before breaking is called in a piece with standard dimensions. The final length of the piece is increased by increasing the percentage of softener and increasing the molecular weight of the resin.


In general, soft PVC compounds harden with a decrease in temperature and become brittle at some temperatures, so the decrease in flexibility depends on the type and amount of softener and the decrease in temperature.

4- optical stability:

Like many organic chemical compounds, PVC undergoes a reaction due to ultraviolet radiation. It is as a result of this reaction that appearance changes appear. The recently obtained results show that epoxy softeners have a great effect on optical stability.

5- Flammability:

Hard PVC is one of the most flame retardant materials among all soft heat materials. By adding softener, this feature is reduced. There are two ways to reduce or prevent the flammability of PVC, the first is to use suitable softeners (phosphates and chlorinated paraffin) and the second is to use flame retardants.

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