PVC additives

افزودنی های پی وی سی

PVC additives It should be modified by increasing the additives so that the process becomes possible and the required features appear in the final product. In this section, we will mention a summary of the role of each of these items and leave the full explanation to the next chapters. During the process, PVC is […]

What is PVC and how is it produced?

پی وی سی چیست وچگونه تولید می شود؟

What is PVC and how is it produced? processes Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is commercially produced by the free radical mechanism and in four ways: solution, mass, emulsion, and suspension. Business type P. V. C is a white amorphous powder and contains nearly 5% of crystals. “Tg-glass transition temperature” in this polymer is between 68-105°C and […]

Uses of PVC

مصارف پی وی سی

  Uses of PVC PVC has various applications in building and construction, health care, electronics, automotive and other sectors, it is used in various products from piping and siding, blood bags and tubing, wire and wire. Overview About three-quarters of the total PVC produced is dedicated to building and long-term construction applications. Because PVC is […]

PVC recycling

بازیافت پی وی سی

PVC recycling The most recommended way to recycle PVC is mechanical recycling. The easiest way is to recycle the material directly at the manufacturing plant where the waste is produced. Such wastes are created, for example, during the start and end of production and mechanical processing of final products or wastes caused by production errors. […]

Features of PVC products

Features of PVC products PVC mixtures can be processed in a suitable way to obtain products made from it, such as plastic sheets, films, pipes, molded parts and other products. Due to the design and formulation of a wide range It is one of the products that can be produced. In short, it can be […]